2020 National Youth Theological Seminar (NYTS)
This event has ended!
FROM Saturday, July 18, 2020 5:00 PM TO Friday, July 31, 2020 5:00 PM

Theme: Glorifying the True God

General Reminders: 

**This event will be held entirely online**

  • Registration is required for logistical purposes (i.e., announcements, online group discussions, activities, etc.). Full time participation is recommended. 
  • If you wish to audit, please register as part time. (This is for the purpose of sending links for access)
  • NYTS groups will be organized by time zones (i.e., PST & EST). In your registration, please indicate which time zone group you will participate in (i.e., PST or EST). You must participate fully in the time zone group of your choice. The time zone group you choose will be for the purposes of group discussions, morning Bible Studies, etc.
  • NYTS registration will close on June 30, 2019 at 11:59 pm (PST) or when participants reach the maximum capacity (150 participants), whichever comes first. 
  • Opening Ceremony will begin July 18th at 5 pm PST.
  • NYTS classes are in English only. Other language interpretation will not be provided.
  • If you are a 4th year student, please prepare a 20 minute sermon outline and email it to Pastor Enoch Hou (houtsengmf@gmail.com) by July 9 for review. If you attended NYTS before 2013, you can graduate in your 3rd year
  • Click here for the NYTS schedule. Please follow the schedule in your specific time zone.
  • Please read our Rules and Regulations prior to registering

This NYTS, we will be studying: Ezekiel, Job, John, 2 Corinthians, Nehemiah, Ezra, and Lamentations. Please prepare yourself by reading the listed books.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the NYTS coordinators at nytsadmin@tjc.org. Please keep this event in your prayers every day. May the Lord bless us with a fruitful spiritual feast.

FROM May 1, 2020
12:00 AM
TO June 30, 2020
11:59 PM
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ATTENDEES (130/ 150)
Bae, Esther Dallas
Brochetti, Richard Dallas
Cameron, Ray Seattle
Caoile, Hans Auckland, New Zealand
Chang, Janice Garden Grove
Chang, Jeremy Garden Grove
Chang, Joshua Pacifica
Chang, Paul Washington DC
Chang, Rachel Edmonton
Chang, Rebekah Washington DC
Chen, Amanda Ontario
Chen, Christopher Irvine
Chen, Demi Baldwin Park
Chen, Eddie Ontario
Chen, Edward Seattle
Chen, Hosea Pacifica
Chen, Julianne San Diego
Chen, Justin East Bay
Chen, Katie Boston
Chen, Timothy Toronto
Chen(Lin), Shan-Shan Brooklyn
Cheng, Annabelle Chicago
Chew, Erlinda Austin
Chiang, Barry Vancouver
Chin, Jeston Houston
Chiu, Lily Toronto
Chiu, Nina Toronto
Choong, Matthew Elizabeth
Choong, Vivian Elizabeth
Chou, Benjamin Phoenix
Dai, jim Canoga Park
Deng, Jasmine East Bay
Han, Daniel Elopura Sandakan Sabah Malaysia
Hiew, Carole Edmonton
Hiew, Max Edmonton
Hiew, Padgett Edmonton
Hou, Esther Hillsborough
Hsieh, Jocelyn Irvine
Hsieh, Sean Irvine
Hsieh, Victoria Miami
Hsiou, Joyce Irvine
Hsu, Thomas Philadelphia
Huang, Aris Irvine
Huang, Joe Garden Grove
Huang, Monica Irvine
Huang, Priscilla Washington DC
Huang, Rebecah Queens
Inggriani, Maria Edmonton
Kealiinohomoku, Jordan Dallas
Kealiinohomoku, Lopaka-Titus Dallas
Kealiinohomoku, Tatiana Dallas
Kim, Dae Yong San Diego
Kim, Dae-Hong Ontario
Kuo, Aaron Chicago
Lai, Justina Sacramento
Lau, Jessica Edmonton
Law, Ariel Phoenix
Lee, Julie Ontario
Li, Man Vin Queens
Liang, Brandon Vancouver
Lin, Angela Toronto
Lin, Angela Miami
Lin, Chenjia Queens
Lin, Deborah Houston
Lin, Jean Raleigh
Lin, Jeffrey Miami
Lin, Joseph Raleigh
Lin, Maggie Sacramento
Lin, Salena Queens
Lin, Shenney Philadelphia
Lin, Yino Toronto
Liou, Ruth East Bay
Liu, Anne Baldwin Park
Liu, Benny Vancouver
Liu, Chad Flushing
Liu, Chang Chicago
Liu, Daniel Dallas
Liu, Ephraim Garden Grove
Liu, Jenny Queens
Liu, Johnny Queens
Liu, Qianwei Philadelphia
Lo, Amber Dallas
Lo, Priscilla Dallas
Lu, Caitlin San Jose
Ma, Ellen Alberta
Ma, Yutian Ontario
Oh, Lauren Elizabeth
Olver, Sam Chicago
Ong, Katie Philadelphia
Qian, Charles San Diego
Reshan, Joey San Jose
Richner, Sherry Garden Grove
Shek, Aveline Edinburgh Comely Bank
Shek, Tendo Alberta
Shen, Joyce San Diego
Shieh, Abigail Elizabeth
Stacy, Freddy Canoga Park
Syukur, Megan Vancouver
Teng, Connie Taipei, Taiwan
Tsai, Brandon San Diego
Tsai, Clara Oahu
Tseng, Gabriel San Jose
Wang, Andy Irvine
Wang, Annie Dallas
Wang, Hanson Toronto
Wang, Ivan Ontario
Wang, Jennifer Toronto
Wang, Ryan Ontario
Wang, Vivi Houston
wei, wendy Baldwin Park
Weng, Ana Sacramento
Widjaja, Kevin San Diego
Wong, Andrea Calgary
Wong, Janice Edmonton
Wong, Sophia Chicago
Woo, Lois Glendale
Wu, David Kitchener House of Prayer
Wu, Kristopher St. Louis
Xie, Jiaying Flushing
Yang, Alice Elizabeth
Yang, Edward Toronto
Yang, Ivan Phoenix
Yeh, Grace Irvine
Yen, Timothy Houston
Yeung, Isaac True Jesus Church Vancouver
Yeung, Samuel Vancouver TJC
You, Nina Brooklyn
Zhang, Joann Chicago
Zhang, Lisa Philadelphia
Zhang, Shirley Philadelphia