2020 National Adult Theological Seminar (NATS)
This event has ended!
FROM Saturday, November 14, 2020 5:00 PM TO Sunday, November 22, 2020 4:00 PM

**This event will be held entirely online**

Theme: A Life of Sharing Your Faith

    All: Books of Acts
    A Class: Books of Amos & 1,2,3 John
    B Class: Books of Proverbs
Attachments: Registration Form, Class Schedule, Online Class Guidelines, Zoom Class Guidelines

Logistical Reminders:
  • Please choose either A Class or B Class according to your interest.
    • A Class will be conducted at a fast pace via Zoom. Only full-time participants will be accepted and participants are required to know how to use the Zoom and completed the assignments required. Please attend the Zoom Orientation on Saturday, 10/31 at 5pm(PST). The detail information will be available later.                                                
    • B Class can be attended through YouTube.                                                                           
  • Paper registration is accepted. Please email the signed registration form to natsadmin@tjc.org.
  • If you are a truth seeker, please seek approval from your local church council before registering.
  • The event will begin with the opening ceremony on November 14 at 5pm Pacific Standard Time.
If you have any questions, please contact NATS coordinators at natsadmin@tjc.org.

Please keep NATS in your prayer. May God bless you abundantly!

FROM September 15, 2020
12:00 AM
TO October 25, 2020
11:59 PM
Online (Youtube/Zoom)
ATTENDEES (276/ 270)
Ariton, Hannah Chicago
Baoying, Yin China
Chan, Ching-Yun Flushing
Chan, Mei Fung Edinburgh Church
Chang, Betty Baldwin Park
Chang, Chun Whei Sacramento
Chang, Elaine Flushing
Chang, Kuo Garden Grove
Chang, Lydia Garden Grove
Chang, Teresa Elizabeth
Chen, Baolong Tampa
Chen, Carrol Phoenix
Chen, Demi Baldwin Park
Chen, Emmy Garden Grove
Chen, Hua Jian San Jose
Chen, Hua Ying Queens
Chen , I An Flushing
Chen, Jessica Garden Grove
Chen, Jetong Houston
Chen, JiaoJiao Vancouver
Chen, Li-Hong Pacifica
Chen, Li-Yu Pacifica
Chen, Manhuei Washington DC
Chen, Mei Garden Grove
Chen, Meiling Philadelphia
Chen, Meizhen Brooklyn
Chen, Ming Hwei Elizabeth
Chen, Mingfang Flushing
Chen, Paul Cerritos
Chen, Peter Toronto
Chen, Priscilla Toronto
Chen, Rebecca Toronto
Chen, Samson Flushing
Chen, Shu-Jane Houston
Chen, Shwu-Jen Flushing
Chen, Wei Fen Houston
Chen, Wei Liang Pacifica
Chen, Xiang Xing Flushing
Chen, Xiu Mei Queens
Chen, Xiu Yu Queens
Chen, Yai-Ying Pacifica
Chen, Yan Nan Pacifica
Chen, Zhong Queens
Cheng, Carkay Pacifica
Cheng, Manlai Queens
Chew, Manfred Austin
Chiang, Joseph Cerritos
Chin, Jovia Houston
Chiou, Linda Hillsborough
Choi, Karen Oahu
Chong, Daniel Garden Grove
Choong, Matthew Elizabeth
Chou, Grace Garden Grove
Chou, Li-Ying East Bay
Chu, Geoffrey Elizabeth
Chu, Ling Huey Elizabeth
Chu Liang, Yachi Sacramento
Chung, Lih Fu 台灣
Chung, Patrick Flushing
Deng, Shuai Flushing
Dickson, Sheila Cannington (Perth) ,WA, Australia
Ding, Mark Brooklyn
Du, Sophia Elizabeth
Ellis, Shaoqin Cerritos
fang, lien-ying Houston
Fermi, Au Rheinland Germany
Guo, Helen Toronto
Guok, Ngek Leong Sacramento
Han, Daniel Elopura Sandakan Sabah Malaysia
He, Cathy Toronto
He, Ling Pacifica
He, Rong Qing Queens
He, Ya Qing Flushing
He, Yahong Toronto
Ho, Engchi Hillsborough
Ho, Pui Yi Edinburgh Church
Ho, Wendy Sacramento
Hou, Hsi Hui Flushing
Hou, MengFen Hillsborough
Hsieh, Alice Garden Grove
Hsieh, Hui Li Irvine
Hsiou, Emily Irvine
Hsu, Shih Boston
hsu, Susan Boston
Hsueh, Hain-Lee East Bay
Hu, Mary San Jose
Hu, Michelle Kentucky
Hua, Dan Queens
Huang, Amy Garden Grove
huang, linchen Hillsborough
Huang, Meina San Jose
huang, sandy Garden Grove
Huang, Shirley London
Huang, Tiffany Toronto
Hwang , Jeanping Flushing
Jeng, Annie Canoga Park
Jing, Crystal Cerritos
Jung, Alice Glendale
Kaon, Mei Chiao Queens
Kealiinohomoku, Laurie Dallas
Kealiinohomoku, Robert Dallas
Ko, Siglinde Heidelberg, Germany
Ko, William Flushing
Ku, Amos Pacifica
Kuo, Amy Pacifica
Kuo, James Elizabeth
Kuo, Joyce Brooklyn/Queens
Kuo, Renee Denver
Lai, Ng Yau Edinburgh Church
Lau, Priscilla Brooklyn
Lee, Anne Cerritos
Lee, Chah Chyi Denver
Lee, Christine Irvine
Lee, Eileen Elizabeth
Lee, Gen-Yun Pacifica
Lee, Susan Elizabeth
Leu, James Canoga Park
Leu, Jennifer Canoga Park
Leung, Sue Sunderland, UK
Li, Juan Flushing
Li, Meien Seattle
Li, Sil Elizabeth
Li, Yang Australia
Liang, Qui Rong Flushing
Liang, Yuechiao Sacramento
Liao, Fen Baldwin Park
Lim, Doris Irvine
Lin, Adeline Baldwin Park
Lin, Ailing Brooklyn
Lin, Alan Toronto
Lin, Alice Flushing
Lin, Cheng Xiang Boston
Lin, Chenjia Queens
Lin, Cheryl Glendale/Canoga Park
Lin, Chyong Shan Garden Grove
Lin, Dandan Queens
Lin, Evangeline Ontario
Lin, Hsiu-Mei Cerritos
Lin, Hua Yu Queens
Lin, Jean Raleigh
Lin, Jie Boston
Lin, Lifen San Jose
Lin, Lisa Oahu
Lin, Mao Ru Flushing
Lin, Michelle East Bay
Lin, Morris Raleigh
Lin, Polly Kitchener House of Prayer
Lin, Suling Hillsborough
Lin, Xu Biao Toronto
Lin, Yan Ying Flushing
Lin, Yan Zhen Queens
Liou, Paure East Bay
Liu, Aiyue Queens
Liu, Andrea Garden Grove
Liu, Angela Pacifica
Liu, Betsie Cerritos
Liu, Jeff Philadelphia
Liu, Pai Chin Glendale
Liu, Samuel Pacifica
Liu, Su-Ing Ontario
Liu, Wun-Chiao Flushing
Liu, Xue jiao Brooklyn
Liu, Yuehfen San Jose
Liu, YungFang Flushing
Liu, Zhijing Queens
Lo, Lowen Flushing
Lu, Melody San Jose
Lu, Mingyun Brooklyn
Natadidjaja, Akida Boston
Ng, Yoke East Bay
Oei, Dorcas Sembawang, Singapore
Oh, Jane Richmond, Virginia
Ou, Jack Canoga Park
Pai, Sarah Garden Grove
Pang, Elaine Garden Grove
Pang, Lina Irvine
Phan, Juy Ing Wang Australia
Pritchett, Cheryl Seattle
Qiu, Wendy San Diego
Qu, Xiu Ping Flushing
Ren, Lucy Christchurch, New Zealand
Reshan, Joey San Jose
Sa, LinLi Elizabeth
Sa, Linli Elizabeth
Saito, Jenny Christchurch, New Zealand
Sayles, Baoai Sacramento
Schmidt, Chuck Seattle
Schmidt, Teresa Seattle
Seow, Yoke May Petaling Jaya
Shih, Molly Baldwin Park
Shih, Philip San Jose
Shih, Tsan-Tsan Boston
Shih, Yally Flushing
Shultz, Cindy East Bay
Su, Evelyn Queens
Su, Lina Flushing
Su, Rachel Queens
Subroto, Riana Boston
sugiato, rudi Chicago
Sun, Sunny Vancouver
Sun, Xiao Nian Pacifica
Sweeney, Wendy Dublin Ireland
Tan, Hui Yi Cerritos
Tan, Yalin San Jose
Tang, Ai Juan London
Tang, En Tze Elopura Sandakan Sabah Malaysia
Tang, Sakura Elopura Sabah Malaysia
Tanujaya, Magdalena Tampa
Tsai, Hueichen Oahu
Tsai, Marian Irvine
Tsai, Winnie Baldwin Park
Tseng, Kuo-Lieh Scott Baldwin Park
Tseng, Yueh-Nu Joyce Baldwin Park
Wang, Aiyun Toronto
Wang, Beatrice Ontario
Wang, Bruce Garden Grove
Wang, Charlotte Richmond, Virginia
Wang, David Irvine
WANG, FEI Chicago
Wang, Gen-Zon Pacifica
Wang, Han Queens
Wang, Hanson Toronto
Wang, Hua Zhen Chicago
Wang, Jennifer Toronto
Wang, Lili Irvine
Wang, Mingzhu Brooklyn
Wang, Qiaohua Brooklyn
Wang, Qiu-Zhen Flushing
Wang, Ricky Queens
Wang, Ruiying Kitchener-Waterloo
Wang, Sandra Canoga Park
Wang, Sun Zhong Toronto
Wang, Zhijuan Moscow
Wei, Daphne Toronto
Wei, Quinn Toronto
Weng, Ana Sacramento
Weng, Wendy Houston
wisman, susany Baldwin Park
Wong, Karen Cerritos
Wong, Patty East Bay
Woo, Lois Glendale
Wu, Bao Ying Queens
Wu, Guozhou Queens
Wu, Hsui-Hui Cerritos
Wu, Hwa-Wei Hillsborough
Wu, Kathy Flushing
Wu, Mi Garden Grove
Xie, Xin Yan Flushing
Xu, Carol Baldwin Park
Xu, Grace Philadelphia
Yang, Guang Yao Brooklyn
Yang, Ruey Ing Vancouver
Yang, Ting Ting San Diego
Yeh, Cherry Irvine
You, Mingjiao Queens
Young, Jenny Raleigh
Yu, Ada Irvine
Yu, Jan Pacifica
Yu, Tanya Baldwin Park
Zeng, GuoLan Pacifica
Zhang, Gui Lan Flushing
Zhang, Huimin London
Zhang, Joann Chicago
Zhang, Qiu Queens
Zhang, Xiaoxia Brooklyn
Zhang, Yun Queens
Zhen, Jill Kitchener House of Prayer
Zheng, Fen Queens
Zheng, Ling Shan Flushing
zheng, lingan Toronto
Zheng, Xiurong Brooklyn
Zhou, Juan Portsmouth TJC, UK
Zhu, Ping Flushing
Zhuang, Yachen Toronto
孙, 开盛 Brooklyn
方關, 瑞清 Pacifica