2019 National Adult Theological Seminar (NATS)
This event has ended!
FROM Sunday, November 10, 2019 8:00 PM TO Sunday, November 17, 2019 12:30 PM

Date: Sunday, November 10 (8:00 PM) – Sunday, November 17 (12:30 PM)
Venue: Irvine Church, California
Theme: A Life of Prayer
    A Class: Books of John, Habakkuk
    B Class: Books of Ruth, 2 Peter, Titus
Attachments: Registration Form, Schedule 

Logistical Reminders:
  • There will be two classes with different curriculum. Please choose either A Class or B Class according to your interest.
  • The USGA will only accept registrants who plan to attend more than 3 days. Full-time participation is recommended.
  • Paper registration is accepted. Please find the registration form here and email it to natsadmin@tjc.org.
  • Please arrive at Irvine Church before 6:00 PM on Sunday, 11/10 to attend the Opening Ceremony at 8:00 PM. and depart no earlier than 2:00 PM Sunday, 11/17 after cleaning.
  • For the hosting church’s convenience, participants coming from the same church are encouraged to fly together as a group to John Wayne Airport (SNA) or Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
  • If you are a truth seeker, please seek approval from your local church council before registering.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact natsadmin@tjc.org or Pr. Enoch Hou at houtsengmf@gmail.com or (630) 666-2738. 

Please remember to keep NATS in your prayer. May God bless you abundantly!

FROM August 18, 2019
12:00 AM
TO October 20, 2019
11:59 PM
Irvine Church
5200 Trabuco Rd
Irvine, CA 92620
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ATTENDEES (141/ 150)
Cai, Tianlin Chicago
Cai, Yun Fang Queens
Chan, Ching-Yun Flushing
Chang, Kelly Houston
Chang, Lydia Garden Grove
Chen, Alice Tsai Cerritos
Chen, Anne Houston
Chen, Annie Irvine
Chen, Carrol Phoenix
Chen, Hua Ying Queens
Chen, Jessica Garden Grove
Chen, Li Yu Pacifica
Chen, ManHuei Washington DC
Chen, Mei Zhen Brooklyn
Chen, Ming Hwei Elizabeth
Chen, patricia Irvine
Chen, Paul Cerritos
Chen, Pu-Xiang Cerritos
Chen, Shu-Jane Houston
Chen, Su Ching Garden Grove
Chen, Xiu Feng Queens
Chen, Xiu Mei Queens
Chen, Xiu-Yu Queens
Chiang, Grace Cerritos
Chiang, Joseph Cerritos
Chiu, Chuchen Houston
Choi, Karen Oahu
Chong, Daniel Garden Grove
Chow, Maria Canoga Park
Chu, Cheng Ming Argentina
Chu Liang, Yachi Sacramento
Chung, Lih Fu Taiwan
Chung, Patrick Flushing
Deng, Shuai Flushing
Dong, Yu-Xia Denver
Du, Sophia Elizabeth
Ellis, ShaoQin Cerritos
Guok, Ngek Leong Sacramento
Han, Cera Garden Grove
Han, Hong Di Irvine
Han, Tim Brooklyn
He, Rong Qing Queens
Hou, MengFen Hillsborough
Hsieh, Alice Garden Grove
Hsieh, Lichuan Cerritos
Hsiou, Emily Irvine
Hsueh, Hain-Lee East Bay
Hua, Dan Queens
huang, Caroline Garden Grove
Huang, Elaine Garden Grove
Huang, Grace Garden Grove
Huang, Meina San Jose
Huang, Qian Flushing
huang, sandy Garden Grove
Husen, Benny Irvine
Inggriani, Maria Edmonton
Kaon, Mei Chiao Queens
Keo, Vanna Houston
Ku, Amos Pacifica
Kuo, Martha Yonghe Church
LEE, ANDY Elizabeth
Lee, Anne Cerritos
Lee, Christine Irvine
Lee, Eugene Glendale
Lee, Nancy Cerritos
Lee, Samantha Garden Grove
Lee, Susan Elizabeth
Leu, James Canoga Park
Li, Faye Flushing
Li, Juan Flushing
Li, Meien Seattle
Lim, Doris Irvine
Lin, chengxiang Boston
Lin, Danyun Brooklyn
Lin, Hsiu-Mei Cerritos
Lin, Jie Boston
Lin, Lisa Oahu
Lin, Mao Ru Queens
Lin, Michelle Cerritos
Lin, Shimei Brooklyn
Lin, Vivian Cerritos
LIN, YAN Brooklyn
Lin, Yan Zhen Queens
Liu, Angela Pacifica
Liu, Chang Mei Irvine
Liu, Samuel Pacifica
Liu, Shaojing Brooklyn
Liu, Wen-Shun Queens
Liu, Yuehfen San Jose
Liu, Zhi Jing Queens
Lu, Ming Yun Brooklyn
Niu, Yuqin San Jose
Oh, Jane Washington DC
Pai, Sarah Garden Grove
Pan, Ho Ni San Jose
Pan, Yvonne Austin
Pang, Elaine Garden Grove
Peng , Jung Mei Fei Beitou TJC, Taipei, Taiwan
Qiu, Wendy San Diego
Seow, Yoke May Neili, Taiwan
Shih, Yally Flushing
Subroto, Riana Boston
Sung Huang, Mei Huey Austin
Tan, Yalin San Jose
Tang, Michael Garden Grove
Tong, Chih Mei Irvine
Tong, Erica Irvine
Tsai, Han Hsiao Queens
Tsai, John Irvine
Tzyh, Chia-Ming Cerritos
Wang, Charlotte Washington DC
Wang, David Irvine
Wang, Fei Chicago
Wang, HuaZhen Chicago
Wang, Jenny Irvine
Wang, Lili Irvine
Wang, Sandra Canoga Park
Weng, Ana Sacramento
Weng, Wendy Houston
wisman, susany Baldwin Park
Wong, Karen Li Cerritos
Wong, Patty East Bay
Wu, Jeremy San Jose
Wu, Mi Garden Grove
Xu, Grace Philadelphia
Yang, Shu Yan Cerritos
Yang, Yolanda Garden Grove
Yeh, Cherry Irvine
Yeh, Jean St. Louis
You, Jian Hua Queens
You, Shun Jin Queens
yuan, Jian Qin Chicago
Zeng, Guolan Pacifica
Zhang, GuiLan Flushing church,TJC
Zhang, Lisa Philadelphia
Zhang, Qiu Queens
Zhang, Yun Queens
Zhang, ZhongSu Irvine
Zhou, Jie Austin