2024 National Youth Theological Seminar (NYTS)
FROM Sunday, July 21, 2024 6:00 PM TO Sunday, August 4, 2024 1:30 PM

NYTS registration is now closed. Waitlisted registrants should not book flights until they have been notified of acceptance. Confirmed participants who have not yet booked their itineraries should select arrival flights that reasonably allow for punctual attendance of the Opening Ceremony (7/21 at 8pm PT). Thank you! Prospective international attendees from countries other than the U.S. and Canada must seek approval from their local church council and general assembly (GA) before registering. Please read additional guidelines below. Theme: Glorifying the True God 

General Reminders: 

  • NYTS registration will close on June 1st, 2024 at 11:59 pm (PT) or when maximum capacity (100 participants) is reached, whichever comes first. 
  • The Opening Ceremony will begin at 8 pm (PT) on Sunday, July 21st, 2024.
  • All NYTS classes will be held in English only. Interpretation into other languages will not be provided. 
  • Please read our Rules and Regulations and transportation guidelines prior to registering.
  • Please review the schedule before the event.

    We will be studying the books of Ezra, Job, Lamentations, and Ezekiel, the Gospel of John, the Book of 2 Corinthians, and the doctrines of Holy Communion and Salvation. 

    Registrants are asked to read the mentioned books in preparation for class. 
    • For sanitary purposes, each participant must bring their own personal toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, etc.). Irvine church will provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hair dryers for shared use.

    • Registrants experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 prior to the event should refrain from participating in the NYTS.

    Transportation and Lodging:

    • According to Irvine church policy, participants may stay at church for up to 3 days before and after the NYTS. The earliest arrival date will be July 18th, 2024 and the latest departure date will be August 7th, 2024. 
    • SNA will be the main airport designated for arrival and departure. Domestic participants are asked to fly to and from SNA. Irvine church will provide transportation to and from SNA, LGB, or ONT within 3 days of the NYTS start and end dates. Participants should make every effort to arrange itineraries accordingly. Hawaiian participants may consider flying into LGB.
    • Please avoid arriving/departing during Sabbath (Fri. & Sat.) service times.
    • The church will not organize meals or transportation for leisure activities outside of the official event dates.

    International Participants From Outside the U.S. or Canada:
    • Prospective international participants from countries apart from the U.S. or Canada must obtain approval from their local church council and GA by using this form. International GAs will be requested to contact the USGA and applicants must receive approval before registration online.
    • International participants returning for their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year at the NYTS should email the NYTS coordinators to ascertain if they are required to complete the form.

      If you have any questions, feel free to email the NYTS coordinators at nytsadmin@tjc.org

      Finally, please keep this event in your daily prayers. 

      May the Lord bless us with a fruitful spiritual feast!

      FROM April 1, 2024
      12:00 AM
      TO May 19, 2024
      11:59 PM
      5200 Trabuco Rd
      Irvine, CA92620
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      ATTENDEES (131/ 100)
      * Baker, Carrisca Dallas
      Bradley, EJ Irvine
      Bradley, Kaden Irvine
      Cao, Vicky Flushing
      Chang, Audrey Hillsborough
      Chang, Joshua Pacifica
      Chang, Kaleb Philadelphia
      Chang, Nicolas Phoenix
      Chao, Avery San Jose
      Chao, Sydney San Jose
      Chen, Aaron Queens
      Chen, Angela Queens
      Chen, Annie Queens
      Chen, Benson Queens
      Chen, Calvin Irvine
      Chen, Catherine Irvine
      Chen, Claire Irvine
      Chen, Ivy Pacifica
      Chen, Joshua Irvine
      Chen, Mark Kitchener-Waterloo
      Chen, Tera San Jose TJC
      Chen, William Seattle
      Cheng, Joshua Queens
      Cheng, Samuel Washington DC
      Chiang, Nathanael Boston
      * Chih, Vincent Ontario
      Chin, Jeston Houston
      Choi, Hannah Dallas
      Duran , Giuliano Cerritos
      * Gao, Vincent Houston
      He, Wenting Oahu
      Hiew, Max Edmonton
      Hiew, Padgett Edmonton
      Ho, Amanda Baldwin Park
      Ho, Jayden Sacramento
      Hou, Jeremiah Hillsborough
      Hsiao, Erin San Diego
      Hsieh, Lydia Irvine
      Hsu, Thomas Philadelphia
      Huang, Adeline Irvine
      Huang, Ally Garden Grove
      Huang, Ariana San Diego
      Huang, Aris Irvine
      Huang, Audrey Garden Grove
      Huang , Chloe Garden Grove
      Huang, Ethan Ontario Church
      Huang, Hung-Guang 台灣北台中教會
      Huang, Ian Toronto
      Huang, Justus Irvine
      Huang, Vivian Irvine
      Ji, Leo Toronto
      Josiah, Ngirmekur True Jesus Church in Dallas
      Kan, Brian Baldwin Park
      * Kealiinohomoku, Jordan Dallas
      Ko, Frances Garden Grove
      * Ko, Johnathan Garden Grove
      * Ku, Sharon Pacifica
      Kuo, Aaron San Jose
      Kuo, Veronica Irvine
      Lau, Jessica Edmonton
      Law, Arianne Phoenix
      Lee, Fiona Vancouver
      Lee, Micah Washington DC
      Liang, Chantelle Vancouver
      Lin, Christopher Hillsborough
      Lin, Ethan Toronto
      Lin, Jonathan Hillsborough
      Lin, Jonathan Cerritos
      Lin, Joseph Hillsborough
      Lin, Megan Hillsborough
      Lin, Mia Irvine
      Lin, Vinnie Philadelphia
      Liou, Janelle Garden Grove
      * Liu, Alec True Jesus Church in Dallas
      Liu, Ben Vancouver
      Liu, Brendan Irvine
      Liu, Enoch Garden Grove
      Liu, Isabel Pacifica
      Liu, Johnny Queens
      Liu, Michael Hillsborough
      Lopez, Elijah Oahu
      Lopez, Ellie Oahu
      Lu, Bryant Ontario
      Lu, Jamie Brooklyn
      Lu, Katrina Ontario
      Mahmood, Ethan TJC Leeds, UK
      Mahmood, Tariq TJC Leeds, UK
      Preko, Kezia Chicago
      * Qu, Helen Flushing
      Sekajipo, Aloysius True Jesus. Church dallas
      * Sha, Anthony Phoenix
      Sha, Yovela Phoenix
      Shen, Gabriel Garden Grove
      shen, jesriel Garden Grove
      Shi, Tengfei Honolulu
      * Shieh, Aaron Elizabeth
      Shih, Esther San Jose
      * Shih, Justin San Jose
      * Sofija, Song Moscow
      Sun, Kelly Cerritos
      Syozitaro, Augusta Dallas
      Syozitaro, Shaeriah Dallas
      Tan, Albert Garden Grove
      Tan, Felix Chicago
      Teng, Lorin Baldwin Park
      Tsai, Clara Boston
      Tsai, Janice Vancouver
      Tsai, Pei-Ju TJC Leeds, UK
      Tsay, Jessica Seattle
      Tseng, Kevin Ontario
      * Tseng, Kyle Ontario
      * Tu, Chloe Hillsborough
      Wang, Evelyn Cerritos
      Wang, Faith Phoenix
      Wang, Jaclyn Cerritos Church
      Wang, Justin Ontario
      Wang, Kyle Irvine
      Wang, Rachel Toronto Church
      Wei, Ryan Garden Grove
      Wong, Ethan Calgary
      Wong, Faith Houston
      Wong, Grace Houston
      Xia, Haoxuan Chicago
      Xu, Tian Chao Chicago
      Yang, Shauna Toronto
      Yeung, Isaac Calgary
      Yeung, Titus Calgary
      Yu, Andrew Raleigh
      Yu, Rick Toronto
      Yuan, Bryce 台灣台中教會
      ZHAO, JiaQiu Montreal